WNY EMDR Regional Network has an email listserv for EMDR-trained therapists to share EMDR-related info. 

Guidelines for Using the WNY EMDR Regional Network Google Group

This online Group allows members to:

1. Communicate with other regional EMDR clinicians about various topics of interest relating to the field of EMDR practice.
2. Introduce themselves and their practice to others in this regional community of EMDR clinicians.
3. Announce information about areas of specialty practice as well as EMDR resources such as study groups, consultation groups and services, trainings, and continuing education opportunities.
4. Make referral requests and provide referral services for potential or current clients.
5. Publicize local, regional, and general announcements relating to EMDR events, developments, and news.
6. Share resource information such as new books, articles, and web links relevant to the practice of EMDR psychotherapy.

The WNY EMDR Regional Network Google Group is for communication about EMDR theory, clinical practice, training or continuing education opportunities and other EMDR-related developments only. The Group Moderator will respond to postings that contain inappropriate content.

Group members should not post any content which contains:
1. Identifying information about clients that violate the HIPAA privacy act (i.e. names, phone numbers, addresses, or case details that might lead to client identification).
2. Religious, political or personal statements.
3. Personal criticism of anyone in either the general community or the professional community of EMDR practitioners.

4. Any content not directly related to EMDR and EMDR-related work.